Williams Estates Recruitment Mold

So you want to be an award wining estate agent, huh?

We are on the hunt for the very best Estate Agents/ Sales Negotiators to work in our brand new Mold Estate Agency on Mold High Street.

The Mold Williams Estates office is due to open in December 2017. We have started the refit and we know it’ll be a lovely place to work already. Of course, we are looking for the best people – the people that exude enthusiasm for what they do; who love people as much as they love property and thrive on organisation and clear communication.

We want team players who take work seriously but remain fun at heart. We want people who find something to smile about even after a hard day; who can offer support and friendly advice even through the difficult times. We want someone who can raise the bar, change the game and contribute ideas.

And we know they are out there… Why? Because we have a whole team made of these types of people!


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